3 Ways to Maximise your Digital PR

Once upon a time, search engine optimisation (SEO) and public relations (PR) existed as two different entities and offered different digital marketing features. But with print and broadcast circulations and viewership’s of real time telly dwindling, times are changing.

Google is placing more importance than ever on the quality and relevance of content and PR and SEO are starting to go together like the Bonnie and Clyde of search marketing.

With news sites such as the Mail Online – the most popular English language newspaper in the world – posting over 500 news stories a day – content really is king, and any good publicist or SEO’s job will be to get the right stories into the content writers hands in order to get those all-important links.

Here are our top tips as to how to best maximise your content online:

Keep it topical

Google, like you and I, likes to read relevant stories on relevant sites. If we read the Financial Times, we don’t want to see a review of Little Mix’s latest album so keep it relevant and target the right websites with the right stories. Google understands topical relevance and readers expect this

Follow links are your friends:

Sites tend to link out to other sites with either a follow or a nofollow link. It’s the followed link that provides the most direct SEO value but Google likes a mixture as well as linked and non-linked coverage, which you will receive through news syndicates.

Plan ahead

It can be hard coming up with relevant content. Either you don’t have enough information or you feel that everything has been done by a brand rival. Allow yourself time to plan, link to national days (15th December is Christmas Jumper Day 2017 – how can you jump on the news agenda?), link to big events (celebrity weddings, birthdays and political events) and get everything approved in good time to maximise the results.

The concept is simple, if you have good content, people will cover it, you just need to be timely and persistent with the media you are dealing with.

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