3 Killer Ways to Outsmart your Competition with your Paid Search Strategy

Even if you have the best product or service with the lowest prices on the market, it won’t matter if you can’t tempt prospects to click on your ads. Writing interesting and engaging copy can be the difference between someone clicking instantaneously vs scrolling straight past!

It’s like flicking through the newspaper, and seeing a catchy headline – the same goes for Paid Search. Having a captivating headline will allow you to draw in twice the amount of visitors to your website, which could quite possibly lead to a conversion being made.


Use real time information – e.g. Black Friday, Christmas Sale or Cyber Monday.

Using information that aligns well with exclusive offers. They have to be highly relevant to ensure you catch someone’s immediate attention in a matter of seconds.

For example, throwing in a headline such as saying “Save Over 50% This Black Friday Event” shows the customer that you’re present and active whilst giving them a sense of assurance that the advert information is still extremely relevant to their search query.

This tactic could be time-consuming but you have to remember to update your ads to reflect your offering. Unless, if you’re a paid search pro, it’s a pretty quick job and your new ads are good to be out in the open!


Give people the opportunity to not miss out something spectacular

That feeling when all of your mates drive and you’re the only one who still hasn’t even taken a lesson yet! Well, apply that theory to your content and see what comes of it…

Strong CTAs (Call To Actions) are intended to ignite urgency to a potential customer that they may miss out on something unless they purchase rapidly. This could be in the form of a big and bold headline such as “Act Quickly” or “Free Worldwide Shipping – Add To Cart Now”.


Deliver particular figures in your ad copy

Standing out to people actively searching for your product/service is a great way to generate interest from your ad which can eventually lead to clicks to your website. Having a very rigid and pretty boring advert can be the crucial difference between text that all blends into one when a searcher is quickly flicking through the page.

Chucking in specific figures such as “Save 74% Only Today On All Sofas” puts that mysterious question in someone’s mind. Firstly, it generates a sense of credibility as the searcher questions why such an exact number has been used in the headline. Secondly, an unusual number will be more likely to catch the searchers eye as they will not be used to seeing this sort of approach before.


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