2018: A Digital Recap & Hello 2019!

2018 has definitely been an interesting year for the digital world with all data breach scandals and the rollout of GDPR, the launch of IGTV and much more.

However, as a result of this, we believe the average digital citizen now is demanding more out of brands. Gone are the days when giving your customers “buffer-face” was acceptable as now users are expecting a frictionless experience from their beloved brands. It is now a known fact that you will lose a big chunk of potential customers if your mobile site speed is, well, not speedy enough. This also includes being approachable and responsive when required.


Shorter Attention Spans & Chatbots

As our attention spans get shorter and shorter, brands need to get savvier about how they communicate with their customers. “But how on earth do we keep up with all of the DMs and Tweets we get in every day”, you ask? The answer – AI. Chatbots have become increasingly popular on social media platforms for a reason – they will answer your FAQs, they will nurture your leads and qualify them, and they’re making sure that your replies are always professional.


Personalised Content

There are also other ways to increase the personalisation of your content creation to your audience. For example, give your audience a voice and let them tell you what they want to see more of by creating a poll on Instagram Stories. Are you making it easy for your followers to buy directly off your Instagram post? Are you analysing your blog’s dwell rate by piece of content or the view times of your videos?


We Challenge You!

We challenge you to think about how you can add value to your followers’ feeds and your customers’ experience in 2019.

If you’re looking to redefine your digital marketing in 2019 contact our friendly team today!

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