Many of your customers might come to you through search, but what about the rest?

For many people, social media is the channel of choice for interacting with new companies. Social Climber ensures that you’re part of that conversation by seeding targeted campaigns across every relevant platform – because a solid social presence is what turns the tick-along business of today into the triumph of tomorrow.

What is it?

Who needs it?

Are these questions relevant to your business?

  • New audience

    Do you need to bring your business to a new, mobile audience? 

  • Traffic-booster

    Want a fast, effective traffic-booster to complement your SEO?

  • Profitable

    Looking for profitable paid-social ads that don’t read like they’re written by robots?

Another USP

Free trademark registrations

Your brand and reputation are your most important business assets. Climb Online understand this and have teamed up with an experienced firm of specialist trademark attorneys to arrange the preparation and filing of trademark applications for all of your brands and sub-brands without charge, as soon as you become a Climb Online client.

Trademark registrations ensure that you rank at the top of search engine results when your trademark is searched by your customers. Additionally, you will be able to prevent any competitors from bidding on keywords for the same brand name. This ensures that the traffic of customers searching for your products and services are not diverted elsewhere and that you never lose out on those valuable leads.


SMBs say they've gained new customers by using social media

Service Overview

Social Climber is tailor-made to suit both the strategy of your business and the personality of your brand.

Taking advantage of the highest-converting keywords and user demographics in your industry, Climb Online creates bespoke ad campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and any other appropriate social networks. We use cutting-edge data-mining techniques to get those ads in front of the people most likely to respond to them, and employ geo-targeting and time-of-day testing to ensure your campaign reaches a relevant, local customer base at the perfect moment.

Engaging, brand-appropriate ad creative for both text- and image-based campaigns ensures your campaigns stand out from the crowd, and we regularly rotate ads to ensure your customers don’t get fed up of seeing you in their feeds. Social Climber helps you reach the places online search can’t, saving you time, improving your customer engagement, and cutting through the social-media clamour to turn users and followers into customers and advocates.

Ready to lift your social advertising to the next level?

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