Getting to the sweet spot in search results can bring a massive boost to your business, but it’s only half the story.

If you want consistent, quality visits that turn into real-world revenue, you need online ads that reach the right people and stand out from the crowd. Paid Climber gives you exactly that, putting you in front of your target customers – and keeping you there.

What is it?

Who needs it?

Are these questions relevant to your business?

  • Resources

    Do you need an online ad campaign but lack the resources to build and sustain it?

  • Efficiency

    Do you have a campaign in place but aren’t sure how to track its efficiency?

  • Finances

    Are you tired of throwing cash into a PPC black hole?

Service Overview

Paid Climber provides a comprehensive solution to paid-search campaign management.

Climb Online conducts thorough keyword analysis on a local, national and worldwide scale to create highly targeted, engagement-driving pay-per-click campaigns for your business services. These are underpinned by customised PPC bid strategies to minimise costs and maximise ROI. Thanks to clear goal-setting and conversion tracking via online-form completion, phone call or e-commerce transaction, you can measure performance down to the penny.

Paid Climber can incorporate Remarketing Ad campaigns designed to turn passing browsers into paying customers, and the creation of engaging Display Advertising campaigns seeded to the sites your customers visit. And, if your company is a retail business, Paid Climber can ensure your products rank highly in Google Shopping results.


Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing

Another USP

Free trademark registrations

Your brand and reputation are your most important business assets. Climb Online understand this and have teamed up with an experienced firm of specialist trademark attorneys to arrange the preparation and filing of trademark applications for all of your brands and sub-brands without charge, as soon as you become a Climb Online client.

Trademark registrations ensure that you rank at the top of search engine results when your trademark is searched by your customers. Additionally, you will be able to prevent any competitors from bidding on keywords for the same brand name. This ensures that the traffic of customers searching for your products and services are not diverted elsewhere and that you never lose out on those valuable leads.

Discover how Paid Climber can boost your bottom line…

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