2nd February 2017
Posted by Sophia Evans


Voice Assistance - Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistance.

Currently there are 8.2 million voice assistants, by the end of 2017, it is predicted that there will be over 30 million voice assistants. This is an area which is going to grow massively. Currently there are 7,000 apps just for Alexa (the amazon one). We predict that with the increase in voice assistance, this will create a bigger market for the music industry, for audiobooks, games, news reporting services, delivery services, takeaway services. As voice assistants will pull data from either Google or Bing, the demand for SEO will increase as more businesses will want to be the number one choice in their area.


Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up, there are a number of industries which will benefit from this in February. In the run up to Valentine’s Day, hotels, restaurants and gifting related businesses will do well especially if they offer Valentine’s Day specific packages. Valentine’s Day is a popular time for Wedding proposals so any Wedding related business, we would recommend doing a Facebook campaign targeting recently engaged people. Get them to see and engage with your brand before they have even thought of their wedding planning. Lastly, the month of February proves popular amongst dating apps & websites, especially 1st-20th Feb. We would recommend also a short social media campaign for dating apps with an offer to get people to sign up.


International Fiesta

February is a popular time for carnivals, there are 17 international carnivals in this month. There are 15 on Ash Wednesday in Caribbean countries and 2 in the US. Alongside this, there are festivals in the Far East to bring in the New Year. In China, there is the International Ice & Snow Festival. There is the Winter Carnival in Quebec and in Europe there are multiple festivals around Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday especially in Italy. Not only is this good to know for any tourist/travel related business but it is great to create engaging PR and effective content for social media that is relevant. For example a London based Italian themed restaurant, you could offer 10% off the food bill for anyone who brings in an orange on Shrove Tuesday to tye in with Battaglia delle Arance which is a festival in Italy.


Life at Climb Online

Laura Rios Intern @ Climb Online

"Since starting at Climb Online I have learnt so much and have really been able to develop a lot of new skills. I feel the working environment is really nice and friendly. Everyone has helped me in my learning process. I am now keen to grow my career in Digital Marketing."


Mark’s Moment of the Month 

“January is my favourite time of year, it is a time to make your plan for the year and set yourself goals to achieve whether that is a personal goal to run a marathon or a business goal to hit a certain level of revenue. Ever since I have started setting myself goals, my level of success has gone up year on year so I encourage everyone around me to do the same thing” - Mark Wright. 

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