The Digital Horoscope - February 2017

2nd February 2017

Find out what is new and happening in the world of Digital. Please see Climb Online’s predictions. ...

Business Updates

Mark to speak to Digital DNA

6th June 2016

This week Mark will be speaking at Belfast’s leading business and technology event, Digital DNA. ...

Drafts and Experiments: A safe way to make changes in AdWords

16th May 2016

Google have finally, in mid-February 201 6, have launched a new tool called “Drafts and Experiment” with the aim to give advertisers the freedom to test new campaigns at ease. ...

Scroll and Heart: Instagram Advertising Campaigns

27th April 2016

Let’s start with a no-brainer, what’s the secret to a successful Instagram campaign? Well, great pictures obviously. If you mix engaging images with a brilliant communication s trategy strongly based on insights on your audience and community, you are pretty much sure to be on the on the right way to succeed on Instagram. ...

Search Engine Optimisation

Brighton SEO 2016 - The Takeaways

25th April 2016

Digital marketers from across the country and indeed across waters headed to Brighton on Friday to the UKs biggest SEO conference - a huge event, which takes place twice yearly. The Climb Online SEO team were of course there, to gain insight and network at the biggest gathering of digital marketing professionals in Europe. ...

Business Updates

We’ve always done it that way

12th April 2016

When it comes to Marketing and growing the business, it’s not all about what you do, it’s more about what you don’t do which could be very detrimental to business growth. ...

Mobile Search: Why is it important?

21st March 2016

Over the past years we have seen a substantial growth in Mobile Search. This has truly changed due to advancements in technology, users are shunning using desktops and moving to mobile and tablet device.  ...

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