Search Engine Optimisation

Understanding Robots.txt - The Common Mistakes

18th January 2016

The robots.txt file is a powerful file and can cause devastation for SEO if it is incorrectly setup. It is essentially a file that is used to tell web robots how to interact with your website. ...

Bing Now Powers AOL search

15th January 2016

If the re wasn’t already a reason to trial Bing ads, the recent inclusion of providing search results to AOL worldwide should cement this decision. ...

How will social media shape up in 2016 for business?

12th January 2016

Long gone are the days of social media being used solely to keep in touch with friends and family. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest opened their doors to commercialisation in 2015 more so than ever with the introduction of c arousel product ads, sponsored ads from IG and even ‘buy now’ buttons on Pinterest; traditionally a virtual mood board to hoard ideas! ...

Looking to switch your digital agency? Here’s how.

17th December 2015

Today, I'm here to talk to you about so mething that isn't discussed as often as it ought to be by digital marketing agencies: how you can actually switch from one agency to another. ...

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing & Gaming Consoles

17th December 2015


Digital Marketing Predictions For 2016

4th December 2015

Mark takes a look at what 2016 will hold and shares his predictions for Digital Marketing. ...

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Tips: What to consider when setting a new website live?

23rd November 2015

This week we have a look at what steps you need to follow whe n setting a new website or a website change live. This includes the most commonly made mistakes for the website transfer and the ways to fix them. ...

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