Business Updates

Mark to host Business Matters event

21st March 2016

For Digital Marketers this certainly makes our job more interesting, but for the business Owners and Directors amongst u s, Google’s continuous changes and developments only makes digital marketing appear more confusing. Mark is to host an event to explain all. ...

It’s not about size, it’s what you do with it that counts.

16th March 2016

One of the most frequent objections I get when chatting to various companies about online marketing is, they don’t think they are big enough to do online marketing or have enough money to afford it. However, in my experience a t Climb Online, it’s the clients that have started off the smallest that have achieved the most impressive change in their businesses.  ...

How to secure investment

29th February 2016

At the beginning of February I was invited to share t he story of Climb Online’s success at the Business Funding Show, where I also provided attendees with some top tips for securing investment. ...

Digital Marketing

How does Google’s update affect YOU and your PPC campaign?

23rd February 2016

For Twitter users amongst us you may have even noticed that ‘SERPs’ trended on the social media platform for a good number of hours - with an army of marketing professionals, AdWords users and businesses tweeting about how this change will impact both PPC and SEO moving forwards. ...

Digital Marketing

AMP Mobile Pages - What is it? Does Your Website Need It?

22nd February 2016

Browsing the web on a mobile device has become the norm in today’s society. More and more of us  every day are picking up our smartphones to find information rather than logging onto a computer.  As a result of this we saw surges in mobile websites, then responsive websites to fit all screen sizes  and the next link in the chain is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). ...

Tracking Conversions: Digital Should be Simpler

17th February 2016

Being able to track Digital Marketing activity using tools such as Google Analytics is one of the major benefits of using Digital Media over Traditional Media. However it is not as easy as it seems as most web analytics platforms only attribute conversions on a last click basis, including Google Analytics (by default). ...

In-House or Agency – Why Choose?

15th February 2016

I often come up against resistance from companies who either do not see the value or fear partnering with a digital agency would undermine their existing marketing team. ...

Search Engine Optimisation

Understanding Robots.txt - The Common Mistakes

18th January 2016

The robots.txt file is a powerful file and can cause devastation for SEO if it is incorrectly setup. It is essentially a file that is used to tell web robots how to interact with your website. ...

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