Why Digital Marketing is Essential for New Businesses

17th May 2017

Launching a new business can be challenging – especially when you’re going at it alone without any financial backing. What’s more, 80 new businesses are born every hour in the UK, so th ere’s never been more competition. If you want to succeed, you need to be able to find a way to stand out and make a great first impression. ...

Snapchat Introduces Limitless Snaps

10th May 2017

 Since its launch 5 years ago Snapchat has progressed significantly through its updates introducing geo filters, lenses, face-swap and more. It’s become the chosen social platform for Generation Z and therefore is arguably the future of advertising and digital marketing. ...

Manchester’s digital tech scene is on the up

28th April 2017

When you think of digital talent in the United Kingdom, the chances are that London springs to mind. Of course, the capital is jam-packed with both start-ups and established creative agencies offering award-winning digital marketing services, but London’s not the only place where tech is booming. Manchester is fast becoming the place for digital talent. ...

Digital Marketing

Pinterest Advertising: What you need to know about Promoted Pins

18th April 2017

Pinterest, the visual social platform , ventured into advertising introducing promoted pins last year in the USA and recently launched this option also for UK business and advertisers. ...

Digital Marketing

Brighton SEO 2017 - The Takeaways

10th April 2017

In the first Brighto nSEO event of 2017, digital experts from across the globe gathered once again at the Brighton Centre to discuss the latest trends in search.  ...

Pepsi Advert Review – The Best or Worst Advert of all Time?

6th April 2017

Since the introduction of sugar tax, which will put a levy on all sugary drinks by the end of 2018, we’ve seen a rise in marketing efforts from brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull and of course Pepsi. ...

How to Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy

30th March 2017

If you ask any digital marketer about standing out online, the chances are that they’ll tell you to focus on developing your content marketing strategy. It’s no surprise to learn that 70% of business-to-business companies are spendin g more on content marketing in 2017 than ever before – it’s a cost-effective method of converting readers into customers.    ...

Business Updates

Start-up Business? Here’s 4 Different Ways to Accelerate Growth with Effective Digital Marketing

6th March 2017

T oday, there are more smartphone subscriptions than people worldwide, with the average user picking up their mobile device nearly 80 times per day. ...

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